5 Tips To Create and Maintain A Safe Workplace

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April 25, 2018
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All industries have safety risks, from skilled trades and construction to even office work. It is the responsibility of each person to maintain the safety of themselves and those around them in the workplace. Workplace health and safety procedures are important for the protection and well-being of the employees, visitors and customers. The company and employees have the responsibility of strategizing and enforcing safety precautions to create and maintain a safe work environment. Unsafe work environments have caused many fatal accidents in the past. In 2017, 166 workers were lost to workplace injury or illness in Alberta. On National Day of Mourning (April 28th), we remember and honour them by doing our best to ensure the safety of ourselves and others in the workplace. Here are some tips to create and maintain safety in the workplace:

Review and update your health and safety protocols regularly.

It is important that each member of staff, visitors and customers are aware of the safety regulations in play. Safety tools, such as the fire extinguisher and emergency exits should be indicated to all staff in case of an emergency. Workers should also be aware of all safety protocols in their place of work. Periodic safety reviews/training will keep the information fresh in the minds of all workers should an emergency occur. 

Inform supervisors of any unsafe conditions.

The workplace environment is everyone’s responsibility. All hazards and unsafe conditions should be reported to supervisors or those in charge of the health and safety in the workplace. Taking preventative measures can go a long way in creating a safe work environment.

Wear correct safety equipment.

Always ensure that all workers are equipped with the proper safety equipment. Tools like hard hats, ear plugs, masks and steel-toe boots can prevent work-related injuries and illnesses in the present and future.

Create ergonomically friendly workspaces.

Sedentary jobs also have health risks. Often desk jobs can cause strain on the body. Workplace ergonomics is an important factor in maintaining the health and safety of all workers. Things like looking at the computer screen for long periods of time can cause strain on the eyes, avoid this by making sure the monitor is at a comfortable distance from the face and encouraging workers to take breaks. It is recommended that office workers take a break to get up and move around once every hour.

Effective Training

The concept of safety should be instilled right from the hiring process. Every worker should be properly trained to perform their daily tasks, as well as acquire any safety training needed to do their job. (i.e. WHMIS training) It is important to make sure each worker is trained on all technology and tools used in the workplace to avoid accidental injury.

At Manpower, the safety of our clients, associates, candidates and employees are our first priority. We ensure safety by making sure all our staff, employees and visitors are aware of our safety policies and protocols to create a safer work environment for all. Manpower’s contemporary learning platform, POWERYOU, offers Light Industrial & Workplace Safety training courses. A fast and efficient way to get your entire team on-board and up-to-date with health and safety measures. For more information, visit www.poweryou.manpowergroup.com.


Happy World Health and Safety Day!

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