Alberta’s new minimum wage: What you need to know to stay ahead of the curve

Calling all employers! Learn how you can navigate Alberta’s new minimum wage hike
September 26, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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Nearly 300,000 Albertans will see their wages increase to $15 per hour when the provincial government raises the minimum wage on October 1.
If you’re already working, congratulations! Albertans who were making the previous minimum wage of $13.60 per hour will automatically see their hourly rates increase to $15 per hour.

For those who are currently looking for work, this increase offers new potential to be competitive and ambitious in the world of work.Do you want to stand out in the job market? Here are a few helpful hints to get the job you’re looking for.

Find out who’s hiring
Alberta added more than 16,000 new jobs in August 2018, which signals a stronger recovery from the economic downturn from the previous three years.

Companies from various industries across the province are hiring now or soon, and it is crucial for job seekers to know who they are. Check out our job board to view our current postings.

Know what they’re looking for
Skilled trades continue to be the number one skill employers are looking for, and there are also a number of new and evolving desired skills out there, including:
– Sales reps
– Drivers
– Technicians
– Engineers
– IT
– Office support
– Healthcare professionals
– Professionals (including PMs, lawyers and researchers)
– Teachers

Upgrade your skills
Do you have what it takes to fill any of the roles mentioned above? Great! Move on to the next helpful hint.

If you don’t quite have the skills you need, the best time to upskill is always now. We’re fortunate, as Albertans, to live in a province with so many options for education, training and development.

Take a look at the job postings that interest you, make note of the skills required and develop the skills and certification to get you there.

Understand industry standard wages
It is vitally important to get a picture of what the wages and salaries are like in the job market you’re applying for.

Although you’re aware of the new minimum wage of $15 per hour, this increase will likely affect the hourly rates that were already previously paying that amount to employees.

Find out what the standard going rates are for positions that you’re interested in and be prepared for the age-old question we all hate to answer, “What are your salary expectations?” Having an answer that is well informed and accurate also helps you stand out.

Where can I find more of this information?
At Manpower Alberta, we understand what job seekers and employers are looking for and help bridge the gap for both to find success.

Get in touch with us today to get you on your way!

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