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April 20, 2018
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A common misconception about employability and professional success is that it is reliant on one’s connections, current knowledge and skill-sets. It’s all about what you know and who you know. While current knowledge is important, we must consider the fact that the world of work is ever-changing and employers acknowledge this. Having the capacity to learn new skills, or Learnability, is a trait today’s employers are looking for in prospective employees.  Demonstrating your professional and personal journey that includes life long learning, includes your ability to adapt, upskill, and be flexible to changing circumstances.

Currently, jobs requiring higher proficiency skills are the fastest growing. It is expected of employees to have the ability to constantly adapt to their work environments. Your employability is heavily influenced by your learnability. Developing and displaying learnability increases the likelihood of gaining employment and staying employed in a labour market heavily influenced by skills. These are not just technical attributes, but also the ability to adapt in always evolving work environments. “Creative Economy” and “GIG economy” are common and evolving.  Don’t know what these are? Stay tuned to our ongoing blogs to learn more!


A Learnability Quotient, or LQ, indicates one’s ability to learn and adapt to the tasks and challenges in the world of work. Your Learnability Quotient shows you what type of learner you are. This information is helpful when looking to improve skill sets or even identifying what skill sets you already possess. You can find out your Learnability Quotient here.


Workforce training is a key method in expanding your work skills and remaining competitive in the job market. Manpower’s PowerYou offers a large selection of online courses covering a range of topics from software applications and in-demand programming languages to Business and Leadership skills and more. PowerYou online training and development courses set prospective workers up with the skills to adapt to new processes and technologies.

PowerYou offers over 6,000 courses that are fundamental to ongoing professional success. PowerYou courses are available to all Manpower associates. Visit for more information.

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