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Manpower Alberta CEO, Randy Upright, was featured in Alberta Venture Magazine to share his thoughts about something that may not be apparent today, but will be in the near future – a potential shortage and lack of skills in the workforce as the Baby Boomer generation get set to retire. There is a silver lining however; we have the opportunity to learn from previous history, what happens when we’re not prepared for these shortages.

As we’re facing larger economic concerns, one problem that will persist and come to fruition once we get through this economic period is this bubble of 50-70 year olds of the Baby Boomer generation- one of the largest parts of our workforce – who will be retiring over the next 10-15 years.

With these changes, organizations will be in a zone in which they do not know what those leaving the workforce were doing; that is, we don’t know the full scope of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to truly move it forward and meet business needs with the next generations currently in and coming into the workforce. This then begs the question “How are we going to replace that?”.

Upcoming talent gaps certainly can and should be filled by younger people however, they need the skills to do so. As stated by Randy, “We’re in the perfect moment in history to do [an] inventory and really determine what our skills needs will be.” This very step will be key in helping to direct current and future generations of the workforce into well-paying, secure futures.

Read the full article on Page 16 of Alberta Venture Magazine –



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