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April 30, 2018
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Growing and developing your skills is one of the best things workers can do for their careers. It increases longevity, keeps them competitive and enhances their flexibility and elasticity in the world of work. The biggest challenge is figuring out where to start. powerYOU is Manpower’s online contemporary learning platform created in 1998. It has become one of the most efficient ways for workers and employers to upgrade their skills and begin their careers.

What is powerYOU?

powerYOU is ManpowerGroup’s online global training and development platform, which launched in 2015. The program helps both employees and employers develop and grow their skills and capabilites.

What does powerYOU have to offer?

PowerYou offers over 4500 skill development and training courses from fields such as IT, Business, Management and certifications. It features a contemporary look and interface, and a refined catalog of courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere across a variety of devices, including mobile.

How can powerYOU help me further my career?

The system makes it easy to track your training and monitor progress toward your personal development goals. powerYOU also provides advanced search capabilities to quickly find and rank courses that are relevant to you. It also offers certification preparation so you can stay current on what’s needed to succeed in your industry.

How can Manpower and powerYOU help my business?

Manpower’s staffing and recruiting services are dedicated to providing well-trained and skilled talent. powerYOU is available to all Manpower clients and associates, so our clients are guaranteed skilled and trained employees.

How can I get access to powerYOU?

powerYOU is available to all Manpower colleagues, clients and associates. Visit www.poweryou.manpowergroup.com for more information on powerYOU and how you can start your journey to growing your skills, furthering your career and becoming a life-long learner.

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