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July 13, 2015
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July 14, 2015
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Working with a staffing agency can save money, highlight and attract the “best fit” talent, and provide solutions   for companies that often cannot be accomplished by in-house HR teams and recruiters.


In a recent post, I spoke about the brand of a company, the employer brand proposition, and the personal brand of job seekers. A staffing firm can bring these three components together in an unbiased way. Job seekers do not pay fees to work with the external recruitment firm (if they are a member of  ACSESS and adhering to the standards and guidelines for membership). Staffing firms have access to many clients and many opportunities, helping to align an individual (personal brand) and an organization (employer value proposition). An in-house recruiter has one set of value propositions and therefore only one offering for a candidate.

Staffing is a two way street. Now more than ever, those who we are attracting to a firm are already working. A good third party independent recruiter stays connected. Connected to their candidates and connected to their market. They know about their client, they intimately know the talent available and working in the market place and they understand the alignment required. They have the tools to assess, dig deep into the desires of both parties, and make the best match.

External recruitment resources have deep networks making sourcing and speed an advantage. Attracting the top talent before the competitor is often the name of the game!!

Finding top talent often goes beyond compensation expectations, experience and education. Best fit digs into the question of why? Why would an individual want to work for a company, what matters most to them, how can the employer modify the job to accommodate the best fit talent, and what is essential to the company to meet and exceed their business needs. Helping the individual and company understand the long-term opportunity is the first step in attraction and long term retention. 

Make your brand a priority so that you can attract and retain the best talent. Using an external recruitment resource helps organizations in their journey to or retention of “employer of choice” status. A staffing firm can help both the employer and candidate to build their employer and personal brands.

That’s what we do! What do you do?



Randy Upright
Randy Upright
Randy is Manpower Alberta's CEO who inspires his team to success. He is committed to assisting our clients, candidates, and employees to win in the changing world of work. Please contact him @randyupright or if you would like to discuss anything with him.

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