How Gig Economy Is Shaping Today’s Work Force

4 Ways The World of Work Has Changed and How You Can Change With It
May 4, 2018
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The traditional workforce is seemingly straightforward. We obtain a degree or some form of training, get a 9 to 5 and work that job until retirement. However, over the past couple of decades the world of work has changed drastically. Today’s world of work is nothing like it was a decade ago. Workers are no longer looking to work the same 9 to 5 for the duration of their career. In today’s modern market, we are seeing more workers take on temporary work or “gigs.” In turn, more and more businesses are seeking to hire temporary contractors and short term workers. This is what we call today, the Gig Economy.

Why Gig Economy?

The Gig Economy has become common over the years for many reasons. One of the reasons being the desire for flexibility. Millennials are now either just entering the workforce or just settling in. Unlike past generations, Millennials are less likely to stick to one employer for their entire career. Gig Economy offers flexibility for workers to explore the work force or “job hop.” This also allows work-life balancing or blending. Employees are working for much longer in today’s world of work. Due to this, the balancing and blending of work and personal lives has become a larger priority for workers of today. Many people do not want to engage as a full-time worker and many businesses do not want the same.

How Has This Affected The World of Work?

Over the past 10-15 years, there has been significant job growth in the non-traditional employment sector. Technology has lent itself to the progression of Gig Economy by opening doors for online gig-based work. We see this in platforms like Uber and Upwork. This has allowed for the growth of independent contractors. Gig Economy has also increased the offering skill-based services. 80% of NextGen Workers see work as a place to learn and use new skills, while 40% of employers cannot find the skills they need. Temporary or gig-based work has become an affordable way for businesses and organizations to receive on-demand work and acquire the talent they need. Although the number of gig-workers is only a small portion of the labour force, the percentage of people seeking flexible, temporary work has increased. More and more people are leaning toward NextGen work.

How Can I Take Advantage of This As A Worker?

Gig Economy has provided employment opportunities for many workers. As temporary work is on the rise, it has become a way for the NextGen workers to get the flexibility and skill development they desire. It has also become a way for Baby Boomers to ease out of the workforce. Manpower offers services for workers seeking temporary/contract work. Manpower recruiters take the time to assess your skill sets and employment desires to help you find temporary work to fit your needs.

How Can I Take Advantage of This As An Employer?

As an employer, you can take advantage of the Gig Economy by using temporary staffing. This provides the business the opportunity to quickly fill positons without long-term commitment. Although, a concern many employers have with hiring temporary staff is whether the temporary worker or “temp” is properly trained. Often employers don’t have the time to train a temp and need workers who possess the skills they require immediately. The training services available to all Manpower clients and associates ensure our candidates are the right fit for each job. Manpower’s temporary staffing services take the worry and stress out of hiring temporary staff. For more information, contact Manpower today and let us find the right temporary staff for your business.

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