Why It Is Important To Be A Life-Long Learner

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April 27, 2018
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There has been a skill shortage in not only Alberta’s workforce, but the global workforce. And we have learned one important thing: today’s workforce is survival of the fittest. Much like athletes, workers must train to stay on top of their game and maintain career “fitness” in the competitive world of work. The only way to do this is to become a life-long learner. Life-long learning applies to both employers and employees. In today’s workforce, learning does not stop after post-secondary education or job training. While traditional education is important, where we really make our mark and develop in the workforce is through real-life, every day experiences. In many situations, this means learning and developing on the job. Life-long learning is committing to developing new skills for the duration of your career. Your career fitness is dependent on your learnability, or ability to upskill.

But why should we become lifelong learners?

Skill Development and Growth

As you probably know from our previous blogs, skill development plays a large role in today’s work force. Life-long learning is no longer an option, but an obligation. In order to stay competitive and fit for the workplace, workers must display their ability and willingness to upskill. Your flexibility and elasticity in the world of work depends almost entirely on your learnability.

Employability + Transferrable Skills

Life-long learning will provide you with the opportunity to acquire skills that are relevant across many aspects of life. Also known as “transferrable skills”. Transferrable skills will help display your flexibility in the workforce and increase your employability. Having transferrable skills will ensure career security, flexibility and elasticity in the workforce which will increase your rate of success.

Increasing Earning Potential

Learning has become an economic imperative. The changes in the world of work call for a continuous education and training to maintain and increase earning potential. While in the past the path from education to employment seemed pretty linear, (those who have education, make more money), it’s a much different gameplay today. Since the skills gap and demand for more skills, those who are the most skilled and display the most elasticity and flexibility in the labour market are among those who have the largest earning potential. Learn more about increasing earning potential in our blog: The Key To Making More Money In Today’s Work Force.

Conversancy With Today’s Workplace

Staying current and up-to-date is important in today’s world of work. New skills and technologies are appearing rapidly. It is important to the average worker to be able to keep up. Repetitive jobs that maintain the same routine are decreasing, so it is important to be adaptable to changes that may occur. The markets and economy are changing and in order to stay competitive and be a leader in the work force, staying informed and current plays a significant role.

Career Longevity

The unfortunate truth about the work force is you can’t rely entirely on the education you received before your career to sustain it. Especially in our ever-changing world of work. We know that those who stay fit and active tend to live longer, and the same applies to your career. Life-long learning = Career fitness. The only way to ensure the longevity of your career is to continue learning while in the work force. The more current and skilled you remain, the higher the change of maintaining your position. 

We are in a world of work that is constantly changing and evolving. Workers must equip themselves with the tools to stay with the current. If you are looking to further your education and become a life-long learner, drop Manpower a note and we will contact you! Let us start you on your life-long learning journey.

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