International Women’s Day

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Human Resource Management


International Women’s Day is Today!!!

Today we celebrate women who have changed the world, women who are shaping the world, and women and equality in the world of work.

In this time of #MeToo and the movement to equality in every way, we know that the world of work is being shaped and reengineered. There is unprecedented movement for women’s rights, equality and justice Achieving equality and empowering women and girls is unfinished business, for which we are all responsible. This IWD, more than those before, comes at a time of great change and expectation.

As we look at the world of work, it is changing rapidly. Today is a day to reflect on where we have been and look at the road ahead!!!!!!

The time is NOW. At Manpower we look at how this momentum can transform into action. We celebrate the activists working tirelessly to ensure women’s rights and work every day to unleash that potential with our clients and candidates. Congratulations to all. We celebrate with you today.


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