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June 29, 2015
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July 9, 2015
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Just a few members of Manpower Alberta’s amazing leadership team!

Aditya Manchiraju, Vice President – Corporate Affairs; Tejal Lad, Operational Excellence Partner; Randy Upright, Chief Executive Officer; Ahmed Borhot, Client Relations Leader

The “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” is here again. One of the most exciting times in Calgary. Stampede means a lot of things. What is Stampede?

It is a time when kids go on rides, when cowboys come to the city and show us what a rodeo is all about, when an incredible parade lines our streets, when the whole city sends their work clothes to the drycleaner and puts on jeans, and a time when the heart and soul of Calgary is shown to the whole world. 

BUT, it is much much more than that!!!!! It is about meeting people. It is about networking. The most savvy business person is everywhere and talking to everyone. Perhaps our Stampede wear is an equalizer. It is literally the week of the year when “everyone talks to everyone.” Don’t miss the opportunity. Job seekers are finding new employers. Companies are finding partners. Businesses are doing business. Enjoy the party, but if you have a purpose, if you have something to achieve – don’t forget to get your business done. Yeehaw!!!!!!!


Where else but Calgary can you find a rodeo in the middle of the city?


Randy Upright
Randy Upright
Randy is Manpower Alberta's CEO who inspires his team to success. He is committed to assisting our clients, candidates, and employees to win in the changing world of work. Please contact him @randyupright or if you would like to discuss anything with him.

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