How The Role of Administrative Professionals Has Changed In The Work Force

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April 23, 2018
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Administrative Professionals are an essential part of keeping a business organized and running. In the past, administrative work consisted of basic tasks such as filing and answering phone calls. This position required basic typing, organization, and communication skills. But since the rapid advancement in technology, the skill requirements of administrative professionals have expanded and increased. The duties of an admin today go beyond answering telephones and scheduling meetings and their title goes beyond a “secretary”. From Senior Executive Assistants to Administrative Assistants, admin professionals take on various roles and responsibilities to keep the business running smoothly.

How Administrative Professional Jobs Have Changed

Today’s administrative professional is the office Superman. While admins are still required to perform traditional duties that have been part of the profession, there have been many duties that have been added to the mix. Along with knowing the ins-and-outs of the company and its brand, the day-to-day duties of today’s administrative professional includes tasks such as budgeting, planning company events and often taking on HR responsibilities such as interviewing and training administrative candidates. So, it’s no secret admins must have impeccable customer service, language and communication skills. The demand for bi/multilingual administrative professionals has also increased for businesses in the global market.

On the more technology-based side of things, Administrative Professionals must have exceptional technical skills. Knowledge in Microsoft Office suite is now a minimum. Many administrative workers must also possess proficiency in various social media platforms, cloud-based data platforms, email marketing and advertisement tools and often even website maintenance.

As the duties of an admin increase, the skill sets required to do the job do as well. According to Manpower Canada, these are top 5 in-demand skills for Administrative Professionals:

Top 5 In-Deman Skills of an Admin Professional

What Is The Future of the Admin?

According to ManpowerGroup’s 2016-2017 Talent Shortage survey, office support positions ranked 10th of the “Hardest Positions To Fill” globally. Lack of available applicants and hard skills are the top two reasons for this. It is to be expected that the administrative profession will continue to evolve with the advancement of technology in the world of work. The skill sets required of administrative professionals will continue to increase, so it is important that these professionals upskill.

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