Strategic Business Solutions


Manpower digs deep to learn as much as possible about our candidates. Our reference questions go beyond the simple yes/no to learn employers’ opinions and understand who the candidate is as an employee, colleague, and person.


Manpower’s Candidate Video Interviewing initiative is breaking new ground in terms of increasing demand from candidates to be presented to clients in a different way. It adds flexibility and efficiency to the hiring process by simplifying the selection of best suited candidates and reducing scheduling time for face-to-face interviews.


Turnover is a costly, frustrating problem for every company. That's why our mission is to understand our clients, candidates and create matches that work. We prepare every Manpower employee so they become familiar with your expectations, policies and procedures, and your measures of success before they start work.


At Manpower, our business gives us the opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce. We understand our clients’ businesses and realize their needs for a diverse workforce run across the board: skill sets, bilingual capabilities, work experience, accreditation, geographic location.