Construction Industry

The construction industry forms the foundation of economies all over the world. This industry is always booming with opportunities. In Canada alone, more than 1.2 million people are employed in the construction industry. Manpower provides workforce resources and workforce solutions for numerous construction companies. With Manpower, you get access to the best recruits for all kinds of construction jobs.


Construction jobs require highly skilled professionals. Our consultants screen the profiles of numerous candidates before they recruit them. All candidates go through stringent assessment rounds. Recognizing talent and high performing individuals are our core strengths. So, you can be assured that no mediocre candidate will be hired for you. Our team works closely with your company to understand and identify the positions which need to be filled with the right talent. We analyse your workflow to find out what works best for you. Once we have an in-depth understanding of your needs, we start formulating effective employment solutions for you.

Apart from recruitment, Manpower takes full responsibility of ensuring the hiring process is smooth, swift, and flawless. From recruitment to training and development, and on-site management, Manpower undertakes full program management. We also help you optimise the potential of your employees. Our strategic solutions help you increase the speed and efficiency of your workforce processes while reducing operating costs.


We provide different types of workforce solutions depending on your requirement. In recent years, expansion and modernization have been on an upswing across the globe. This has given rise to an ever increasing need of exceptionally talented professionals.

With Manpower, you can hire candidates:

  • On a temporary basis where the candidates are recruited to work on a particular project.
  • On a temporary to permanent basis, in which you get to assess the potential and suitability of a candidate before making them permanent employees in your organization.
  • On permanent basis staffing as it gives you access to top-notch, fully-screened, and ideally qualified candidates for many different types of jobs.
  • Through our independent contractor program which proactively enables us to find talented contractors for you.
  • On payroll services which allows you to have a cost-savings arrangement, wherein you get to appoint a candidate either full-time or part-time without actually hiring them.

Manpower actively works with clients at multiple levels. We assess your needs, come up with an effective strategy, implement it, and then ensure the implementation is done properly. Our team of consultants is specialised in various fields which helps them understand the technicalities involved in construction jobs.


There are nearly 66 construction job profiles we currently recruit for our clients. Some of them are as follows:

  • Experienced Woodworking & Manufacturing Workers
  • General Labor
  • Inventory Control Technician
  • Landscape Foreman
  • Construction Safety Manager
  • Construction workers
  • Fibre Laser Welders
  • HVAC helpers
  • Labourer/Installer
  • Landscaper
  • Maintenance Helper

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