Oil and Gas Industry


The Oil and Gas industry has been stabilizing from staggering prices and weak demand. This calls for ripe job opportunities for job seekers.

Manpower provides flexible workforce solutions for companies in the oil and gas industry. We have the right professionals who can provide you with talented and qualified candidates based on your needs, just when you need them. Our workforce solutions include temporary to permanent employment, where the employee is first hired temporarily and then made permanent based on his performance. Manpower also undertakes permanent hiring and independent contractor managed services. Other services we provide are workforce resources and strategic business solutions.

For us, recruitment is just the first step. We try to optimize the potential of our recruits by providing comprehensive workforce programs and complete on-site management. We understand the needs of a burgeoning industry like oil and gas and help deliver a talent pool of high-performing professionals.

We hire professionals in the areas of geology, oil field services, petroleum engineering, process engineering, geophysics, surface engineering and downstream. Manpower fulfills its commitment to delivering strategic workforce solutions by conducting systematic assessments of candidates. This is how we give you the right people with the right skill sets at the right time.


  • Laboratory Technician-petrochemical
  • Line technician
  • Quality Inspector
  • TIG Welder
  • Area Manager
  • Ticketed Gas Fitter
  • Warehouse workers
  • Warehouse workers and package handlers
  • Customer Service Representative


  • At Manpower we offer competitive fee structures to our clients, so that you get the best rates in the market.
  • We ensure that all your oil and gas projects are staffed with highly skilled employees and are on track as per your deadlines.
  • We believe in the spirit of innovation. We dare to innovate, pioneer, and evolve ensuring that our clients always get the desired results.
  • You can tell us about the kind of skills you’re looking for in candidates and we will come up with a customized workforce solution for you.
  • In a complex industry like oil and gas, it is always wise to have insights from industry leaders.
  • We can closely work with you and help you fill positions which require highly qualified candidates by eliminating mediocre profiles.
  • Lastly, if you partner with us, you will have our active support in the growth and success of your business.

Our consultants are very experienced in recruiting for the oil and gas industry and have a rich database of talented candidates. Manpower is the answer to all your recruitment needs. Partner with us and we will take on the responsibility of hiring the best professionals, training them, and optimizing their potential for your business growth.