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December 3, 2015
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The holiday season is upon us, a very hectic time of year.  Many of us juggle shopping, planning and attending parties, travel, as well as work and other everyday responsibilities. Put it all together and this can add up to stress.  And sometimes our work takes the greatest hit. Learn how to stay focused during the holidays.

Maintaining momentum can be challenging when:

  • The office has a lot fewer faces than usual due to vacation.  It is always tough to stay focused and productive when the office is a ghost town.
  • The work flow has decreased because this is a slower time for some. Due to a more relaxed work climate, habits such as procrastination can develop.
  • There are many other tasks, activities, and events in the mix. Schedules become increasingly packed at this time and life can quickly become overwhelming.


Here are some of the things that can help:

  • Make a to-do list: This can be one of your most valuable assets since it gives you a more concrete idea of the things that have to get done. A written item brings clarity and focus, it gives you a good sense of direction. The constant reminder of seeing items on your list keeps you going down the right track.
  • Time management: This works hand in hand with the previous tip. Make sure to eliminate all distractions, minimize time on Facebook/Instagram, and don’t allow yourself to make excuses and procrastinate. Start the day off by making a plan specific for that day and stick to it. By managing your time better, you’ll constantly keep plugging away at your list and complete it in a much timelier manner.
  •  Stay active/be healthy: This is a big problem during the holidays. With busy schedules, diets and exercise usually take a big hit. Don’t make excuses and find a way to stay active, whether that be going to the gym or something as simple as taking a brisk walk around the block. Be more conscious of what you put in your body, moderation is important while there are a lot of yummy temptations. By having some discipline, your body will thank you. It is key to always remember to take care of yourself.

Happy Holidays!

– Ahmed


Ahmed Borhot
Ahmed Borhot
Ahmed is Manpower Alberta's Client Relations Leader and focuses on building and maintaining great relationships. He delivers creative staffing solutions by understanding our clients and the marketplace. To reach him, tweet @AhmedBorhot_ or email

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