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Going Global: Taking MSP to the Next Level

More organizations are looking to globalize their Managed Service Program (MSP) than ever before. In today’s competitive environment, the desire for more process efficiencies, cost savings and economies scale are inevitable.

The latest TAPFIN white paper explores the evolution of MSP and the need for more flexible, efficient and centralized MSP solutions.

There are many drivers of demand for global MSP, including:

  • Companies looking to expand
  • The pressure for more inefficiencies
  • More global market maturity
  • Improved technology

However, while it is becoming easier to globalize, there are non-tangible factors that cannot be ignored. Having knowledge of the culture and employment practices in a country, for example, cannot be underestimated. Understanding and respecting local customs often requires taking the time to listen and learn. When we speak with companies interested in globalizing, we leverage our global presence across 82 countries and local knowledge within each to help educate them on key market differences related to legislation and culture.

It helps to question all assumptions as well. When entering a new market, it is not uncommon to hear companies ask “What do you mean we cannot interview candidates or put a name on a resume?” This is why it is essential to take an outside-in view and fully understand unique market differences as part of the globalizing preparation.

There are many advantages and opportunities that come with “going global,” but it is important to recognize that the “rules” can change from market to market. Read our latest paper for insights into global MSP and considerations to drive further success for your organization.


View the complete PDF Whitepaper here

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