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July 14, 2015
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July 28, 2015
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I often think about success and how I can reach my personal and professional goals. There are so many excellent resources out there that look at how we can improve the way we work and live every day.

Thomas J Stanley, PhD, wrote a wonderful book called The Millionaire Mind. To find out what makes them so successful, Dr. Stanley surveyed more than 1300 millionaires to learn about their background, goals, tips, and the truth about this elite group.

What he found is very surprising. It is not luck or inheritance or high IQ or education that leads to success. In fact, Dr. Stanley found that millionaires chose careers based on their abilities and worked harder than most people are willing. They also tend to be more practical and are open to taking calculated risks.

Millionaires named the following four attributes as the main reasons for their financial success:

The same qualities can be carried into the work world. Strive to be a leader in the workplace by developing excellent interpersonal skills. Take the time to learn about your colleagues, how they work, and how they like to communicate. The mark of a true leader is in their ability to work with everyone from CEO to the mailroom.

Having the ability to sell effectively is not just about making money. If you are able to sell your ideas and/or products you can sell YOURSELF, and that's what matters. Success comes from having confidence and conviction in who you are and what you are offering to your employer, colleagues, family, friends, clients, and anyone else you interact with. Knowing who you are and what you offer to those around you is key to achieving your goals. Find experienced and talented people to guide you and demonstrate great communication and sales skills.

Finally, have the discipline to do the things you don’t want to do when you know they must be done. This is the mindset the people with a millionaire mind have.


Ahmed Borhot
Ahmed Borhot
Ahmed is Manpower Alberta's Client Relations Leader and focuses on building and maintaining great relationships. He delivers creative staffing solutions by understanding our clients and the marketplace. To reach him, tweet @AhmedBorhot_ or email

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