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April 27, 2016
Keeping #FortMcMurrayStrong
May 12, 2016
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As wildfire continues to spread through Fort McMurray leaving many without homes, our hearts and thoughts are with the thousands of people and first responders during this catastrophic time. We applaud the efforts of all involved in ensuring the safety of every individual; thankfully, there have not been any report injuries or fatalities in the 88,000 individuals evacuated.

As Albertans, this is our time to step up and help our community in the days and weeks to come and there are numerous ways that as individuals, we can assist in the aftermath of this tragedy. The Manpower Alberta team will be assisting the Red Cross and relief efforts in any capacity we can, starting with a monetary donation and will certainly be staying tuned in as relief effort requirements change.

If you are interested in further details of how you can help the Red Cross in their efforts, please visit their website at; every small act can make a world of difference. The Red Cross will be needing volunteers, money, and clothing/household items in the weeks to come, and we will do our best to provide updated information as it becomes available on how you can help.

As we come together united, we wish continued safety for friends, families, associates and clients in Fort McMurray, and we will stay committed to doing what we can to provide the support, resources, and thoughts needed to help rebuild this thriving community.


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