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Job Outlook Survey Forecasts “Very Limited” Hiring Climate for Calgary
June 26, 2015
Canada Day
June 29, 2015
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Manpower is often asked questions about what is happening in the world of work. I encourage you to visit our MEOS survey to review data about hiring expectations in the upcoming quarter. In keeping with this information, we have also learned that almost 44,000 more Canadians were receiving employment insurance in the month of April. Alberta experienced a 10.7% increase in EI recipients. What we know is that this is a time to prepare. When the economy (often following the price of oil) bounces, experience tells us it bounces quickly. In early 2009, oil was just under $40.00 per barrel. By December it had hit close to $75.00. At that time we couldn’t find enough skilled workers. Now is the time for HR departments to prepare and create a plan.




Randy Upright
Randy Upright
Randy is Manpower Alberta's CEO who inspires his team to success. He is committed to assisting our clients, candidates, and employees to win in the changing world of work. Please contact him @randyupright or randy.upright@manpower.com if you would like to discuss anything with him.

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