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New Release: Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Q1 2019

DECEMBER 10 / manpowerabadmin

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS) is a survey of over 1,900 Canadian employers who answer the questions, "What are your hiring trends for the next quarter?"

The latest MEOS Q1 2019 survey revealed that 14 per cent of those questioned plan to increase their staffing levels in the coming quarter, while six per cent anticipate cutbacks, leading to a first quarter Net Employment Outlook of 12 per cent with seasonal variations removed. Of those polled, 79 per cent expect to maintain their current staffing levels, and the remaining one per cent are unsure of their hiring intentions.

For the Alberta context, in Calgary, employers expect a flat hiring climate for Q1 2019 with eight per cent of employers planning to hire, while three per cent anticipate cut backs, which all translates into a net employment outlook of four per cent. This represents a six per cent increase from Q4 2018.

In Central Alberta, Red Deer employers anticipate a hopeful hiring climate where 21 per cent of employers plan to hire, while only two per cent expect cutbacks. Red Deer is showing a net employment outlook of 16 per cent for the first quarter of 2019, which is a one per cent decrease from Q4 2018.

Edmonton is looking at a moderate hiring climate with 15 per cent of employers plan to hire, while five per cent expect cutbacks, representing a net employment outlook of 12 per cent. This remains the same as Q4 2018.

Want to know more about the hiring trends in our province and across Canada?

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