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Finding qualified candidates is harder than ever with 41% of employers having difficulty filling open jobs. To address this, employers have to invest in a wide range of technology tools designed to help them prospect, screen and engage candidates.

Manpower understands this challenge, and we also know candidates. We’ve compiled our knowledge and research into our newest paper, Siri, Find Me a New Job, about user adoption of recruitment technology. 

Understanding the way candidates search online

In Canada, 72% of internet users access the web with a smartphone, while 88% use a laptop or desktop computer. In Malaysia, where the median age of 28.5 is younger than Canada’s 42.2, 89% of people use a smartphone to access the internet.

Only 5% of Canadian candidates are considered early adopters, which is much lower than the global average of 11%. In fact, based on several global comparisons, Canadians are traditional job seekers and look for jobs through conventional methods—job boards, company web sites, etc.

Content that catches candidates’ eyes

Social media ads have become the most popular way to attract great candidates online, with 40% stating they have clicked on a job-related social media ad. This high rate of engagement suggests even passive candidates can be persuaded to click on targeted job ads—even when they might not actively be looking for new work. 

This engagement is twice as high as virtual job fairs, with only 19% of candidates participating.

Knowing which tech to use

Organizations should take a blended approach when selecting and implementing HR technology, including:

  • Define the problem:  Once the talent problem is defined, technologies can be evaluated for their effectiveness.
  • Know your audience: Match the right technology to the candidates you’re looking for.
  • Diversify channels: Employ a range of tools and solutions
  • Turn quantity into quality: Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics can help identify qualified candidates and ensure workplace success.
  • Incorporate human interaction: Technology is the conduit, but delivering a personalized and tailored message is still key. 

Want to learn more about candidate behaviours and motivators to help your organization optimize your talent strategy? Read Siri, Find Me a New Job today!