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What's Your Elevator Pitch?

FEBRUARY 15 / manpowerabadmin

Three tips to delivering a successful Elevator Pitch

As anyone who lives in Alberta knows, sometimes it can be a difficult job climate to find work in.
Most jobs are located through networking, and it’s a good idea to practice your Elevator Pitch.

Here are three tips you can use while networking when you’re looking for your next job.

First of all, you should ask yourself, what is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch is all about you, who you are, what you do, and what type of job you are looking for.
The focus of your Elevator Pitch is to share your important credentials quickly, so potential employers can
have a brief understanding of your skill sets. Keep it brief, and be persuasive.

Here are three skill sets you can use the next time you’re networking, when delivering your Elevator Pitch.

  1. Practice, practice, practice: Take the time to go over how you would like to deliver your pitch, and practice your rate, tone, and pitch so your presentation sounds natural.
  2. Mention your goals: You don’t have to be specific; however, understanding what you’re looking for, and what you would like to accomplish is a useful tip when approaching a discussion.
  3. Have a business card ready: By providing a business card, you are opening the conversation to continue. This can be useful when setting up a second meeting or connecting someone with a resource you can provide.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with these helpful tips, and then get out there and start networking!