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For over 60 years, Manpower has been connecting financial advisors, trainees and experts with financial firms across Alberta. We understand the financial industry, how global markets work, and how joining the right people brings success. Our ambition to help firms and employees is why we’re the province’s leading finance staffing agency.

On any day of the week, we connect more than 600,000 finance professionals with firms and jobs in various industries. Our passion for developing connections and pioneering growth is what drives us to match employees with employers.

We will tailor our search and resources on your pursuit, career ambitions and business objectives. Together, we’ll enhance your career and business.

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Only The Best From Our Finance Staffing Agency

At Manpower, our mission is to help your financial firm or department connect with the employee that matches your requirements and qualifications. But it is not just about matching experience or quality; it is about ambition and drive too. We want to place an employee in your organization that shares the same growth and success mindset that you do.

Whether you need a temporary position filled or a full-time employee, as the leading finance staffing agency, we will use our significant resources to optimize your search and narrow down a list of enticing candidates that will elevate your business. 

Our team will conduct extensive reference checks, organize several video interviews, and test them to see if they deliver on your requirements. All the while, we will assess their skills and knowledge and their career ambitions. From there, we allow you to temporarily hire employees if you want to see the employee in action before making your decision on hiring them. We will even put them on our payroll and assume responsibility for them. It’s all part of our commitment to helping your company thrive. 

Our recruitment agency serves an extensive range of industries that require financial experts, including IT, accounting and law firms, human resources, marketing and communications and even executive positions. When you need top financial talent that will elevate the status of your business, you need Manpower, the finance staffing agency that cares.



Partner with the leading staffing provider in
Alberta and drive innovative solutions that
make waves in your industry. 

  • Eliminate talent shortages
  • Competitive fee structures
  • Custom workforce solutions
  • Consult with experts in recruitment,
    payroll and human resources

Job Seekers

Establish your talent potential and stay
competitive at every stage of your career

  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Flexible work opportunities
  • Career resources and online courses
  • Ongoing career support and coaching

Find Your Footing With Our Finance Recruiting Firm

At Manpower, we believe that a job in the financial sector is more than just a job; it’s about building a secure and prosperous future. As your dedicated finance recruiting firm, we can put you on the path to establishing a successful career by finding the perfect job for you. With a strong network of connections, easy access to pivotal information and plenty of opportunities for growth, you’re getting help from Alberta’s best team of recruiters. 

By maximizing our resources, we will narrow down your search and find you a financial job that matches your experience, skills, your deserved market rate, and significantly, your desire for fulfillment. Regardless of your background, previous work history and certifications, our finance recruiting firm has found jobs for hundreds of thousands of Albertans looking to enter, reenter, or challenge themselves in a new position in the financial sector. With us, you will find yourself in a workplace where your career will go to the next level.

We can even offer you the opportunity to harness your skills and tune your experience with our PowerYou program. We provide connections to over 4500 online courses that can help you become a more desired candidate in the financial sector. 

At the end of the day, we are about people. We are about connecting you with an employer that will harness your career and push you forward, not backwards. Even once you’ve got a job, our support doesn’t end there. Whether for a temporary job or a permanent position, we will provide you with ongoing support so that you are nicely settled into your role. 

Trust the finance recruiting firm that cares about the power of people. Trust Manpower. 

There’s a path for you
in Southern Alberta 

Whether you’re job seeking or staffing we have the resources and insight to help you blaze a trail and win in your industry.
Get started today by chatting with one of our recruitment specialists in the Calgary or Airdrie area.

I have been with Manpower in Calgary for a year now, and I love it. They are a fantastic agency to work for. They are very supportive and always make sure to check on us workers to see if we are satisfied with the jobs we are given. Thank you for everything you do Manpower!!

Arber Alija

I have been with Manpower in Calgary for a year now, and I love it. They are a fantastic agency to work for. They are very supportive and always make sure to check on us workers to see if we are satisfied with the jobs we are given. Thank you for everything you do Manpower!!

Arber Alija

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