While 80% of leadership capabilities remain the same – adaptability, drive, endurance and brightness – a new style of leadership is required for the digital age.

Leaders today must dare to lead and be prepared to fail fast. They need to nurture learnability, accelerate performance and foster entrepreneurialism. And of course, they must unleash potential in others. How ready are you to lead in the digital age?


Based on research and our experience working with global enterprises in multiple sectors, we see four inherent enablers of an effective leader. Essentially, these traits make up the foundation—the 80 percent—of effective leadership, and they remain just as relevant today.

Brightness: Unrelated to formal education, brightness is the ability to quickly consume information and draw conclusions. It’s more important than ever because traditional business models are crumbling. Modern leaders can’t look to the past for meaningful parallels to guide their decision-making. Given the pace of disruption, leaders need to intuit situations on-the-fly.

Endurance: Endurance is harnessing intellectual stamina to reach a workable solution. It’s more important than ever because globalization, matrixed organizational structures, and greater customer engagement are driving up the number of inputs a leader must sift through. Being able to deliver against a tsunami of data points—quickly and confidently—requires a high degree of mental strength.   

Drive: Drive used to be the calling card of the Type A leader—a burning desire to be personally successful. Today’s leaders understand that success is found through collaboration, team-building, and motivating the business group or company to achieve a vision. It’s more important than ever because the digital revolution demands large-scale cultural change in the organization, led by its top executives. 

Agility:  An agile or adaptable leader moves through different disciplines seamlessly. It’s more important than ever because digital leaders are continuous change managers. The digital revolution is redefining how, where, and why work gets done—and what skills are needed. Upskilling and adapting the workforce to this new reality requires nimble leaders who can decouple from convention.


Are you ready to lead a digital workforce transformation?

As global demand for highly skilled labor continues to grow, organizations will have to rethink old assumptions about work models, people practices and talent sources. In response to this leadership paradox, Manpower has developed a unique assessment to measure leader readiness for digital transformation – DigiQuotient.

The DigiQuotient analyzes a participant’s responses to a short 34-question assessment and then assigns one of eight digital personas. Based on a survey of global business leaders, participants are given a “digital twin” that embodies their persona.

Each participant receives guidance around three areas: accelerating performance, unleashing talent and daring to lead based on their persona.

This assessment provides participants with guidance on how to leverage their strengths and what possible derailing behaviors to recognize and mitigate.

What does your Digi Quotient say about you?

Take the assessment DIGIQUOTIENT.IO


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