According to our Edmonton and Calgary recruitment teams, the average recruiter takes only about 6 seconds to decide whether a resume goes in the trash or not.

Knowing this…

Does your resume pass the test? Here are 4 tips to make sure it’s passed on towards the hiring manager.

4 Tips to Make sure your Resume Passes the Recruiters Initial Glance

1. Use a clean resume template

Recruiters aren’t looking for originality or creativity in your resume, they just want to be able to find relevant information as quickly as possible.

2. Quantify your work experience

You can quantify your experience in a number of ways. The best way to accomplish this is by displaying your past achievements – exceeding sales targets, increasing customer retention, increasing efficiency in some regard and displaying these in numerical format. Showcase these points, they all prove that you’re a hard-working, goal-oriented person and achieve results.

3. Be detailed

If your resume is already quantified, it’s likely to be detailed as well. However, to reiterate, be specific about your job duties and past responsibilities. Not only will this add more substance to your resume, but it will also help the recruiter understand the extent of your abilities.

4. Irrelevant work experience? Get creative, find the commonalities

You may think it’s acceptable to include all of your work experience on your resume in the hopes that the recruiter will notice you’re a hard-worker.

However, is not all always the case. In every-case, make sure you read through the job description and detail your work experience so that it meets the specific needs of the role. Be creative – find commonalities in your past work experience that are similar to the role being advertised.

You may not have the perfect work experience or the perfect education, but there are always ways to make sure your resume is passed on to the next step.

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