Confidence in automation is growing globally. In 35 of 44 countries, more companies are planning to grow or maintain, rather than shrink their workforce.

In 2017, the digital economy of Alberta generated $11.4 billion or about 3.6 percent of the province’s GDP. Even at just 3.6 percent of GDP, this digital economy is larger than Alberta’s agriculture, forestry, accommodation, food services, and utility industries.


In this fast-changing landscape, Alberta is not afraid to innovate. In per capita terms, Alberta has the third largest digital economy in Canada at $2,679 of GDP per Albertan. The leaders in this field are Ontario with the largest digital economy at $3,867 per capita, followed by British Columbia just passing Alberta by $96 at $2,775 per capita.

The number of jobs associated with this digital economy in Alberta where 73,237 positions or 3.2 per cent of all jobs in the province in 2017.

Meanwhile, the availability of tech talent is increasingly scarce and the education and experience employers require versus what exists is astounding.

In the U.S. alone 86% of IT vacancies require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, while only 43% of IT workers have one; 92% of Java developer jobs ask for a degree when only 48% of developers have one.

In this new and evolving industry, the importance of requiring the skills of the future is more prevalent than ever.

While we are still in the early stages of understanding and tracking the economic contributions of Alberta’s digital economy, it is seeing substantial growth and creating a fast paced skills discrepancy issue.

The growth of this digital economy will depend upon our ability to seize the opportunities automation and digitization present in the face of high competition.


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