All Roads Lead to Learning

Talent shortages are at a 12-year high and new skills are appearing as quickly as the old ones disappear.

By 2022, over half (54%) of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling.

Of these, about 35% are expected to require training of up to six months, 9% will take six to 12 months to reskill, and 10% will require additional skills training of more than a year. Learning will be essential.

Your Strategy for the Skills Revolution: Learning

To compete in the Skills Revolution, a culture of learning needs to be promoted in the workforce, career guidance provided, and short, focused upskilling opportunities offered. People need to know how to prepare for the high growth roles of the future and know that they are supported in their learning.

Work with a Recruitment Agency to Upskill

Manpower Alberta offers many short-term upskilling opportunities in the Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton area; providing career guidance and supporting individuals in their career growth.

We are more than just a staffing agency; we make sure you are well equipped with the skills required for the future of work.

If you are a recipient of EI, or have been a recipient in the past 5 months, visit our workforce development programs. Our workforce development programs offer support and train unemployed individuals in Alberta, from entry-level skills to engineers and professionals. Let us help you reach your employment goals.

Not a recipient of EI and looking for work Alberta? We can still help! Take a look at our open positions on or send us an email with your credentials on our job seeker page.

At Manpower Alberta we work with you to match your specific skill set with our current opportunities, free of charge. Work one-on-one with a recruiter on the best strategies on how to gain meaningful employment.

Get on track with a recruitment agency, let Manpower Alberta help you get that first step in your future career.

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