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Manpower offers much more than staffing, workforce development, and full cycle human resource services. We also work to help you develop safety solutions for a workplace that is safe, healthy, and productive. Our team of Health and Safety professionals start with a gap analysis review, assist you with full program development, and help you achieve excellence and leadership in safety.

We can help you navigate the world of safety, interpret legislation, create or update policies to ensure that your workplace remains compliant, and much more! Whether you need a full health and safety management system overhaul or an on-call as needed consultant, our team of Health & Safety professionals are standing by and ready to help.


Our team of experienced safety professionals understands that safety management systems need to be tailored to your industry, your business, and your working locations.

Based on your industry and line of work we will hand-select the best consultant with the most relevant experience to help you build and enhance your system. Whether you need help with your JHSC, developing a fall protection plan, doing an internal COR maintenance audit, or anything in between, we can help.


Our Gap Analysis will quickly highlight areas in your health and safety management system that are not compliant with current legislation or are not in-line with industry-standard practices.

Once we know where you stand we can work together to make improvements and enhance your system:

10-minute questionnaire
over the phone or ZOOM

Know where you stand and
what risks you are taking on

Digital report for your records


In addition to consulting on your health and safety management system, we can also help you implement it in person.

We are here to help in any way we can, including but not limited to onsite training, hazard assessments, accident investigations, and worksite inspections.

Front line safety doesn’t operate between 9 to 5, if you need after-hours help please call and we can arrange it.

WCB Claims Management/Cost Recovery

Manpower Staffing Services/Manpower Safety Solutions has partnered with BCL Consulting Group Inc. in providing employers with the following services:


This service provides an in-depth analysis of your WCB history of claims for possible premium savings, given our extensive experience and expertise over the past 32 years!  This annual review is provided on a contingency basis, meaning absolutely no cost to employers unless and until premium savings are achieved.


Given the ongoing changes in legislation and policy, this program provides employers with proactive assistance in managing their current WCB claims either at the onset of the claim or for claims in progress, in order to control costs affecting future assessments.

Manpower has been working to build the talent pool of Alberta since 1959. Let our experience and knowledge transform your work environment.

That's what we do! What will you do?


We’ve been in Alberta for 60 years and understand
what it takes to thrive in the highs and lows of this


We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response—
taking risks, knowing that we will not always succeed, but never
exposing our clients to risk.

Everyone at Manpower is great to deal with. They answer any questions I have very quickly, and if they do not immediately know the answer they follow up with me after finding out. I very highly recommend.

Craig Lynch

I have been with Manpower in Calgary for a year now, and I love it. They are a fantastic agency to work for. They are very supportive and always make sure to check on us workers to see if we are satisfied with the jobs we are given. Thank you for everything you do Manpower!!

Arber Alija

Great and motivating employees with great work ethics. Would recommend MANPOWER anyday, anytime.

Funmi Abo

Manpower Services has been a truly wonderful experience for me. Thanks to the great staff I gained my confidence back! I am now in a permanent position thanks to them. I am so grateful for this company. I would recommend them to everyone!

Shirley McCoshan

I’ve been with Manpower since June 2016 and I can say that I have gotten some amazing and different assignments from them. The office staff are remarkable to work with. They treat you like family and will find the assignment that suits you and your qualifications. I love working for them.

Amanda Anderson

When I was first checking around for employment agencies I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I had heard both good and bad. I had known someone that had went with Manpower before and asked them what they thought. They told me some pretty good things, so I decided to check it out for myself and I must say I have been more than impressed by their services. Michelle is a true gem in the industry she is quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have about a position, she is a wonderful person that I have had the luxury of being able to work with to find positions. I personally would recommend Manpower to anyone and I have to my friends as well.

Xara T

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